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The Concept of Swearing

31 March 2013

I wonder where the concept of swearing comes from? And why those particular words were chosen. Just pondering while I appreciate the feeling of a few candys.

I personally think that swear words should be sounds rather than words. The kind of sounds people make when they're in pain. It makes more sense to my brain to have 'AAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!' as an insult, rather than something sexually related like '**bhead!'.

I bet saying it would be more relieving too. Maybe cavemen were kinky bleeders cos all swear words are related to todgers, spicy fajita's, or humping.
That noise I made, when I fell over the other day, seems more appropriate than the words I used. Almost all of them were related to genetalia and didn't make any sense on reflection.
I think I called the pavement a thunder-boll*ck.

Just thought I'd ponder some sh*t outloud using cutting edge technology like I'm doing now with this. Now that seems a dead reyt thing to do. Muttering to myself, out loud, on a worryingly popular internet.
Quite an odd thing to do despite how socially acceptable it is. It's even considered normal for some reason.

Humans freak me out in so many ways man. I'm glad I'm a multi-p**ised alien instead.

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